Top Museums in San Diego to Visit During Your Trip

¿Estás planeando unas vacaciones en San Diego? Nuestros expertos locales reunieron una lista de los mejores museos de San Diego que usted debería considerar agregar a su itinerario.

El clima soleado no es lo único que atrae a los turistas a San Diego. "La ciudad más popular de Estados Unidos" es el hogar de una variedad de museos históricos e innovadores que la convierten en un centro educativo para la apreciación de la historia, el arte y la cultura.

Whether you’re a history buff or an art-lover, these top San Diego museums offer endless entertainment and educational fun.

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A few of the museums available on the Go San Diego Card include…

  • USS Midway Museum
  • Natural History Museum
  • San Diego Air & Space Museum
  • Museo de Arte de San Diego
  • San Diego Museo del Hombre
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USS Midway Museum


Explore el portaaviones de mayor antigüedad en la historia de los Estados Unidos en este legendario museo. Experimentarás la vida en el mar sin salir del puerto de Navy Pier mientras descubres 60 exhibiciones y 27 avión restaurado.

The museum brings the past to life with a self-guided audio tour narrated by USS Midway sailors.

A visit to Midway inspires a deep appreciation for American military history and the country’s commitment to freedom.

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Natural History Museum


The oldest scientific institution in southern California, this 134-year-young museum is as relevant as ever with stimulating state-of-the-art exhibits.

The museum focuses on the natural worlds of the Southern California and Baja peninsula regions while maintaining a global scientific perspective.

Viaje a las Regiones Polares en el Fin de la Tierra: desde la exhibición de los Osos Polares a los Pingüinos, o vea una película sorprendente que cobra vida en el museo 3 -D teatro.

Whatever you do, you’re guaranteed to find a new appreciation for nature and the environment.

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San Diego Air & Space Museum


From ancient aircraft to space-age technology, all kinds of aviation history unfold at this Balboa Park museum.

Wander through the World War galleries or experience the action firsthand in the FS2000 Two-Seat Flight Simulator while visiting the city with one of the richest aviation heritages in the country.

Don’t leave without stopping in the museum store to pick-up a brass pocket compass or the replica MA-1 aviator jacket.

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Museo de Arte de San Diego


The region’s largest fine arts museum attracts more than 250,000 visitors a year to its diverse cultural exhibits. The museum’s collection is astoundingly comprehensive, with artwork ranging in date from 5,000 BC to the present.

The San Diego Museum of Art is most famous for its South Asian paintings from the Edwin Binney 3rd collection.

In addition to the collections and exhibitions, visitors will enjoy events in music, film, and theater at this nationally renowned attraction.

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San Diego Museo del Hombre


El Museo del Hombre de San Diego es mucho más que una mirada a la historia del hombre; el museo es parte museo de historia, parte instituto de arte, y todas partes son educativas y divertidas.

Este museo de antropología es una de las presentaciones más impresionantes de la evolución humana en la nación. Explore la pregunta "¿Qué nos hace humanos?" A través de extensas colecciones de artefactos y exposiciones como "Carrera: ¿somos tan diferentes?"

This unique museum will enchant and inspire visitors of all ages as they discover facets of humanity they never knew existed.

Permanent fixtures include Egyptian mummies and the Kumeyaay exhibit on Native Californians dating back to the 1700s. The museum is located in Balboa Park, and is an easy walk from other top San Diego attractions.

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Mingei International Museum

Mingei-International-Museum-1 Art speaks powerfully of the similarities and distinctions of individuals and cultures at this international museum for the “art of the people” (mingei).

The museum has an 18,000-piece collection representing 140 countries around the world.

Constantly changing exhibits enhanced by lectures, films, demonstrations, and other events make this a dynamic place for artistic enlightenment.

Getting in: Mingei International Museum tickets are included on the Go San Diego Card All-Inclusive Pass.

Model Railroad Museum


The San Diego Model Railroad Museum is the largest indoor model railroad display in the world and one of the liveliest museums in Balboa Park.

The museum preserves the heritage of railroading through enormous model layouts built to scale and interactive historic exhibits.

After checking out this museum’s unique recreation of history, stop in the gift shop for an exclusive railroad souvenir.

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San Diego Automotive Museum


The San Diego Automotive Museum is a must-see for any automotive enthusiast.

This museum features 90 incredible vehicles on display, rotating exhibits, and shows such as “Lowriders of Southern California”, “Law Enforcement Vehicles”, and “Cadillacs”.

Visitors will find a new appreciation for the automobile industry and how it has come to symbolize American progress.

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Museo de Artes Fotográficas


See the world through the lens of a trained eye at the Museum of Photographic Arts (MOPA), home to over 9,000 images from the 19th century to today.

The MOPA is dedicated to collecting, conserving, and exhibiting the entire spectrum of the photographic medium. The museum’s diverse exhibits explore cultural, historical, and social issues through photography.

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San Diego Sports Museum


El Museo del Deporte de San Diego presenta lo mejor del mundo atlético. Explore la emocionante historia, tesoros educativos y recuerdos de más de 40 Deportes diferentes.

With over 68,000 square feet packed with legends and fun, the San Diego Sports Museum is the nation’s largest multi-sport museum.

From baseball and football, to bass fishing and surfing, there are exciting things for the whole family to discover.

Getting in: San Diego Sports Museum tickets are included on the Go San Diego Card All-Inclusive Pass.

New Children’s Museum


Think. Play. Create.

The New Children’s Museum is an interactive arts-based museum that commissions contemporary artists to create pieces with tactile, physical, and participatory elements to introduce kids to art and create an opportunity for them to observe, play, and create.

Getting in: New Children’s Museum tickets are included on the Go San Diego Card All-Inclusive Pass.

Museo de Arte Contemporáneo


Devoted to the exploration and presentation of art of our time, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Downtown San Diego includes more than 4,000 works created after 1950 representing a variety of media and genres.

Works include a variety of mediums and highlight emerging artists, under-recognized mid-career artists, and major figures in international contemporary art.

Los visitantes encontrarán instalaciones específicas del sitio tanto en el Centro como en La Jolla y disfrutarán visitando dos edificios únicos de museos y explorando sus animados vecindarios.

Getting in: Museum of Contemporary Art tickets are included on the Go San Diego Card All-Inclusive Pass.

Museum of Making Music

 At the Museum of Making Music, visitors can see, hear, and interact with over a century of musical history.

Explore the musical instrument innovations that played key roles in shaping American popular music from the invention of the player piano and the development of ragtime music in the 1890s, to the versatility of modern digital instruments that influenced the new wave music of the 1980s.

Take a turn creating a masterpiece with over a dozen instruments and interactive exhibits.

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Coronado Museo de Historia y Arte

Coronado Museum of History and Art

Realice un viaje a la Isla Coronado, cerca de la costa de San Diego, y aprenda sobre la fascinante y rica historia de esta ciudad turística única y activa Base Naval.

Podrás explorar muchos temas, como arte, arquitectura, historia, preservación y más.

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William Heath Davis House

Visit the oldest surviving structure in Downtown San Diego. Built by William Heath Davis in 1850, many fascinating people, including Alonzo Horton, have called the William Heath Davis House ‘home.’

Podrá recorrer la casa y sus habitaciones decoradas, cada una de las cuales representa diferentes épocas en la vida de la casa y sus varios habitantes anteriores (y rumoreados de la corriente fantasmal).

Getting in: William Heath Davis House tickets are included on the Go San Diego Card All-Inclusive Pass.

Whaley House

the Whaley House in Old Town San Diego

Visit the rumored ‘most haunted house in America’ located in Old Town San Diego and take a tour of the beautiful home.

Explore the two-story Greek Revival-style mansion and see rooms that once served as a general store, San Diego’s first commercial theater, a courthouse, and more. A tour of the Whaley House is a tour of San Diego’s history.

Getting in: Whaley House tickets are included on the Go San Diego Card All-Inclusive Pass.

Instituto de Arte de San Diego

San Diego Art Institute in Balboa Park

Por Oleg Alexandrov (Trabajo propio) [ CC BY-SA 4 . 0 ], a través de Wikimedia Commons

Visit this vibrant, community-driven museum and get a taste of the San Diego art scene right at the source: the San Diego Art Institute.

This museum’s mission is to connect contemporary artists from southern California and northern Baja with audiences and to showcase art in a way that promotes cultural perspective and understanding.

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Remember to Save on Museum Admission

Our list of some of the most popular museums in San Diego.

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