Smart Destinations Ofertas Nuevos paquetes, descuentos para las vacaciones

Smart Destinations releases a series of new holiday trip-planning benefits, including travel tips, new curated packages, and additional discounts.

he upcoming holiday season is one of the most popular travel times of the year. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the busiest times of the year for many people, making trip planning an intimidating task for some. In the spirit of making holiday travel less about stress and more about time with family and friends, Smart Destinations is launching a series of products and resources designed to make holiday travel planning easier and more affordable.

Muchas personas dan la bienvenida en familia o amigos de fuera de la ciudad para las fiestas y con frecuencia buscan la manera de sacar el máximo provecho de su tiempo juntos. Una de las mejores formas de complementar las cenas familiares y otras tradiciones es con visitas a algunas de las atracciones locales, como museos, excursiones y lugares de interés cultural. Muchas de las atracciones populares incluso ofrecen eventos especiales o exposiciones durante la temporada de vacaciones, pero puede ser difícil decidir qué hacer, de entre la multitud de opciones. Como una manera de simplificar el proceso de selección de atracciones, Smart Destinations ha lanzado una serie de paquetes de vacaciones de temporada de viajes.

These Holiday Travel Packages contain expertly curated selections of the best holiday-themed attractions for each destination. For example, the New York Holiday Attractions Package includes a Night Tour by City Sights, ideal for enjoying the holiday lights of Manhattan, a visit to the Top of the Rock for those beautiful city vistas, and admission to the American Museum of Natural History. For holidays in warmer climates, the San Diego Holiday Attractions Package provides an excellent selection of family-friendly attractions like the San Diego Zoo, the Fleet Science Center, the San Diego Natural History Museum, and the San Diego Air and Space Museum. Travelers interested in the Holiday Travel Packages can get a limited-time discount by entering the promotional code “PRPackages10” at checkout.

For families spending more than a day or so in their holiday destination, Go City Cards are a high value option that provides flexible access to any or all of the top attractions over the course of a few days. Travelers can spend their time seeing the attractions that interest them the most without having to choose one over the other. Complete with special discounts, an exclusive full-color guidebook, and other included extras, Go City Cards will enhance the holiday exploration experience. The last day for regular shipping on Go City Cards to arrive by Thanksgiving is November 12th.

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