How to Get Saturday Night Live Tickets for the 2018-2019 Season – Lottery Info & More

Fans de Saturday Night Live y todas las cosas comedia apreciará experimentando un programa de televisión en directo grabación de SNL en la ciudad de Nueva York.

Escuchen, agosto es el momento de participar en el sorteo de entradas para el próximo SNL 2018 - 2019 ¡temporada!

Como llegar Saturday Night Live entradas:

What is the SNL Ticket Lottery?

Cada agosto, Noche mantiene vivo un sorteo de entradas para la próxima temporada.

Send an email with all of your contact information and a short blurb about why you should be selected to get a pair of tickets to during the month of August (from 12:00 am on August 1-11:59 pm on August 31, 2018). You must be at least sixteen years old to be considered for the ticket lottery. Unfortunately, you are not able to select a certain date.

Information to email

  • Your contact information
  • Why YOU want to be in the studio audience

People often wonder, what are the SNL lottery odds? Entering the lottery does not guarantee tickets. If you are selected, you will be notified and sent two tickets for a random show in the upcoming season.

How can you get SNL Tickets on Stand By?

By AndyLindgren (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

By AndyLindgren (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Si estás en la ciudad de Nueva York y quieres tener una oportunidad en stand-by entradas, que se distribuyen en el 48 lado de la Calle de 30 Rock en 7 a.m en la mañana de una grabación .

People waiting in line for standby tickets are asked to stay in line at all times and tickets are given one per person on a first-come, first served basis. You’ll need to have a current photo ID with you and all members of the audience must be at least 16 years of age.

Stand-by tickets are available for both the dress rehearsal at 8 pm or the live taping at 11:30 pm – you can choose which you prefer based on availability.

El ensayo se graba en la cinta y se utiliza para la copia de seguridad en caso de que el show en vivo no se puede aire. Los clientes seleccionados para el despacho de entradas stand-by puede elegir qué les gustaría asistir.

What’s the 411 on SNL?

Incluso si usted no está familiarizado con el programa Saturday Night Live, ver una grabación en vivo es una de las mejores cosas que hacer en Nueva York.

Desde su estreno en 1975 , Saturday Night Live ha sido uno de los espectáculos de comedia más populares en el mundo. Cuenta con el mayor número de nominaciones a los Emmy en la historia de la televisión y sigue haciendo reír al público con su satírica comedia y toma hilarante en la cultura contemporánea.

Asistir a una actuación es una de las mejores cosas que hacer en la ciudad de Nueva York para los amantes de la comedia, la televisión y la cultura pop.

Los ex miembros del reparto han incluido Chris Farley, David Spade, Chris Rock, Adam Sandler, Rob Schneider, Sarah Silverman, Will Farrell, Tina Fey y Amy Poehler.

El más reciente elenco de SNL incluye Superbad estrellas Bill Hader, Te Amo, estrella Hombre y cantante Lonely Island Andy Samberg, así como Todo lo que alumbre Kenan Thompson y damas de honor estrella Kristen Wiig.

¿Debo ir a el ensayo o el Live Show?

Usted puede estar pensando, "¿Por qué alguien querría ver el ensayo general y no el verdadero espectáculo?"

Razones para considerar asistir al ensayo general:

Muchas personas que han ido a SNL afirman que el ensayo puede ser incluso mejor que el show en vivo. Esto se debe al hecho de que muchas obras de teatro en el ensayo no terminan haciéndolo en el show Saturday Night Live en vivo.

El ensayo general tiende a ser mucho más relajada y espontánea, por lo que es más divertido para el público.

Además, algunas de las mejores obras de teatro no se incluyen en el show en vivo, ya que se consideran demasiado inapropiado para ser transmitido por los ejecutivos de la televisión.

Llegar a la grabación:

Si le sucede a ser dado boletos en espera del día de la feria, que tendrá que estar en el estudio antes 7 : 15 pm para el ensayo o antes 10 : 45 pm para el show en vivo.

*Keep in mind that a stand-by ticket does not guarantee admission. There have been unfortunate stories of people who have traveled a long distance only to be told at the last minute that their SNL tickets would not be honored because the celebrity host brought too many people in their entourage or that the skit that they are doing that night requires some extra space, so less seats for the audience.

Plan B: What to do if you can’t get tickets?

Por desgracia, no se recogieron para la lotería y no podría conseguir stand-by entradas. ¿Ahora que?

There is still PLENTY of amazing attractions and things to do during your time in NYC.

The New York City Explorer Pass lets you visit multiple New York City attractions for one low price at up to 50% off regular admission costs. Or, build your own attraction pass and save 15-25% guaranteed when you buy two or more attractions together.

If you’re hanging out in the Rockefeller Plaza area, take a tour of Rockefeller Center, go backstage at Radio City Music Hall, see the entire city in the Top of the Rock Observation Deck or stroll through the Channel Gardens.

If you’re looking for inspiration for your New York City itinerary, check out our Ultimate Guide to New York City; we have recommended itineraries based on length of stay, who you’re traveling with, what neighborhoods you want to explore, attraction insider guides, and more. It’s the only guide you need for NYC.

Siempre hay un montón de cosas que hacer en la ciudad de Nueva York, especialmente en un sábado por la noche, así que usted está seguro de tener una noche emocionante, no importa qué.

Recuerde, con el New York City Explorador Pass® usted puede ahorrar hasta 50 % En el ingreso combinado de docenas de las principales atracciones de la ciudad de Nueva York.

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  1. Nathan Feldman dice

    ¿Hay una manera de comprar boletos en el mercado secundario? Yo sé que usted escribió que todo el mundo tiene que mostrar una identificación con el fin de obtener los boletos por lo que es ese tema lo prohíbe los boletos se revendió? Me encantaría conseguir entradas para el cumpleaños de mi esposa, pero no veo ninguna posibilidad de obtener boletos. Cualquier consejo o ayuda sería muy apreciada.

  2. Jen dice

    It’s really unfortunate because I happen to love Saturday Night Live as a show but the method for obtaining tickets is absurd. As mentioned in the article, the only way to get a definite seat is to know someone. For the rest of us without connections or fame, we must go the night before or the morning of and wait online for a standby ticket. Ticket distribution starts at 7am. Two people come out with clipboards, check your ID, add your name to a list, and tell you to show up at the time listed. The tickets do say on them that admission isn’t guaranteed.

    My boyfriend and I showed up that night an hour and a half before the listed time in hopes of getting a good spot in line. Once there, the NBC workers in the shop told us to come back later because your arrival time doesn’t change your assigned spot in line. Once the lining up began, it was an unorganized mess. Even the employees described the system as “archaic” and apologized for the lack of coherency. They explained that standby tickets give you priority and then started shouting out ticket numbers in hopes of corralling the crowd into a line. NBC seems to hand out hundreds of stand by tickets..however, the tickets are only in case the “important” people do not show up. The workers even explain that standby tickets are only for the unfilled seats. It depends who of the valued audience decides to show up.

    We waited for nearly two hours, were ushered through three different areas and a metal detector, and were ultimately denied entry because the studio was filled. We were in the second group of 30, maybe 40th on line, and were still denied. That means that despite handing out hundreds of tickets, they were only able to seat 35 of the people who had received them.

    I understand that standby tickets are free, but SNL is not some morning show summer concert that people should need to camp out for. It is a weekly, long-running, multi-million dollar show. The fact that there is no way for the general public to buy tickets in advance is disgraceful. Being ushered from room to room (in incredible heat due to the crowds) like animals, while watching other groups (friends & family of writers/producers/actors) casually walk through felt a little classist if anything. It would not be that difficult for NBC or SNL to revise its system, to have a reserved/VIP section as well as a section for general tickets.

    For a show that is considered such a part of New York history, it is anything but accommodating to New Yorkers. It is clear regular people are of no real value to NBC or SNL. We are apparently secondary.

  3. dice

    Well Getting Saturday night live show ticket is upon your Fate. if I got the ticket for the Live show, then it is my luck. ;P and after getting the lottery ticket I would prefer to visit Dress Rehearsal actually.

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